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And now… subbing For Mr. King, It’s Mr. King!

Wednesday 03.12.08 Posted By: Millie

Good afternoon all. I thought I’d start out this post with the following bit of nostalgia. Remember this toy?


I had one of these back when I was about 7 or so, and gosh-darnit, I still remember that very rooster on the packaging on the box! I loved my light-brite. It was a pain in the rear and very tedious to get all the colored pegs exactly where you wanted them, but the end results were spectacular, though.

By golly, I even remember this commercial!!!

Anywho, I think that this toy is what probably inspired the background set for Larry King Live. Com’on, am I the only one who might have thought this????

The last two evenings, John has subbed for Larry on LKL. Usually we are accustomed to seeing him (John) sub for Wolf or Anderson, but having him on LKL was a nice change of pace. He did a smooth job of filling in on Larry’s seat, sans the suspenders!!!

Here are a few screengrabs:





For once it was interesting to hear John report on something OTHER than the election. Even though that OTHER thing in the news at the moment is a pretty big shocker.

Normally, news such as the Spitzer scandal wouldn’t be something that I would care to know much about. After all, he is not the first governor/senator/elected official to be caught in some kind of sordid sex scandal, nor will he be the last. And while I think it is absolutely horrible what he has put his family through, I still think that private matters are just that – private – and should be none of our business…


What really is upsetting about what Spitzer has done, rather, is the cold and calculated way he went about doing this. I mean, come on!!! It’s one thing to have some indiscretions, but the fact that he had to go through all these lengths to carefully orchestrate his plans is disgusting. His “affairs” were not just casual flings… they were cold-hearted, manipulated, well thought-out plans. He knew exactly what he wanted and he knew exactly how to do it.


And probably just like most Americans, we can forgive our elected officials for their personal indiscretions, but the blatant HYPOCRISY is what we have a harder time in understanding or sympathizing with.

I feel badly for his wife, I really do. She is a very beautiful woman and without a doubt she is going through a horrible personal pain. It is disheartening to see her standing by his side as he is announcing his resignation today. I hope she has the courage and strength to get through this with grace and do what is best for her and her family.

Well, that’s all for me folks. For the mid-day hump-day perk-me-up, here is a funny video. WordPress has limitations on video embedding, so you will have to click here to watch the video.  Enjoy!




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