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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Sunday, 11.25.07

John had a busy week last week hosting AC360 three nights in a row. It was great to see him hosting more than just one night. I don’t know if Anderson will be returning back this week, but if The Coop is still off, I’m sure hoping John will get to fill in again.

Each night of the program opened with a crime story…




Hopefully AC360 will report some follow ups on these stories. It’s probably a given that we’ll be hearing more about Natalee Holloway in the upcoming days, but it would be interesting to also see what the developments are in the “Defensive Neighbor” case as well as the “American Student” Italian murder case.

Coming up this week, we can expect to see John reporting from St. Petersburg, Florida, for the Republican YouTube debate. It will air this Wednesday night and I’m very curious how it will all unfold.

The first YouTube event several months ago was a true experiment, and now that CNN has some experience with the format, it should be interesting to see what kinds of tweaking they have done. For example, many people complained that the screens on stage showing the videos were very hard to see because the images were too small. Will this be adjusted? We’ll find out Wednesday!

Here’s John when he was at The Citadel for the Democratic YouTube debate:


CNN posted a story about the process of selecting questions for the Republican version of the debate.

It reads in part, “CNN’s political unit is keeping the questions a secret, but those selecting them say viewers should be prepared for presentations that are funny, questions that are poignant and a format that is unprecedented for the GOP… There are plenty of animated figures out there, there are certainly some funny questions, but more importantly, there are hundreds, if not thousands of really, really good, solid questions from real people on real issues.”

In addition to the debate, we have John’s Q&A over at All Things Anderson to look forward to. ATA has not posted a date when his answers will be added to their blog, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

It should be a busy week here at johnthenewsking!



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A Three-Peat

Thursday, 11.22.07

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I was planning on taking a break from posting today, but since John hosted 360 yesterday for the third night in a row, I decided the only thing a girl can do is blog about it! lol!

The program opened with some new developments in the Natalee Holloway case.


Authorities now have three suspects in custody – the same three individuals who were held previously in connection with Natalee’s disappearance: Joran VanDerSloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. Apparently there is “new evidence” in the case against the trio, but as Susan Candiotti reported, this evidence is not being revealed yet.

John spoke with VanDerSloot’s U.S. attorney about the developments. Joe Tacopina really didn’t reveal much other than that the “new evidence” is insignificant or irrelevant.


Next, John covered a subject he knows all-too-well: campaign-o-rama! He explained how Billy Gardner, New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, finalized his state’s primary date. Here is the master calender as it stands now:



This means John will likely be on the road for a long stretch in January! After reading what he blogged about on his travel experiences, I’m sure that he’s got the routine down pat and can do it in his sleep. After all he’s only going on his, let’s see, 6th election season now?

Next, David Gergen was a guest on the show to discuss former Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s new book and allegations that the Bush administration was not forthcoming to his Press Staff with information about the Valerie Plame identity-leaking case.



It was pretty disheartening to watch archive footage (from 2003) of Scott McClellan at the press podium saying the following about Scooter Libby and Karl Rove:

“They’re important members of our White House team, and that’s why I spoke with them, so that I could come back to you and say that they were not involved. I — I had no doubt with — of that in the beginning, but I like to check my information to make sure it’s accurate before I report back to you. And that’s exactly what I did. “

Yikes. If that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I can only imagine that it probably makes journalists who cover the White House want to just cringe even worse. If his allegations are true, it sure does leave a big stinky cloud over the White House pressroom briefings.

On a non-stinky note, Anderfans were treated last night to a segment of Cooper’s Glenn Beck interview. Beck is promoting his new book “An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems”. He sat down with Anderson for a discussion of the book’s topics, including, among other things, issues such as illegal immigration, corporate greed and the war on drugs. Here is a YouTube video of a portion of that interview in which Cooper asks Beck a series of both personal and political “Rapid Fire” questions:

For last night’s “What were they thinking?” segment, a video was aired in which a Venezuelan lawmaker angrily decks a journalist. Iris Varela barged onto a live TV set and slapped around a reporter who had done a story several years ago about the death of her infant son. She accused him of slandering her in the story – and knocking him around on live TV was her payback! You can watch the video here. (Click the video button to the right of the story.)

John added, “I’ve been cussed at by politicians. I’ve been glared at by politicians. I’ve never been slapped or thumped with a microphone. That’s all new — a whole new world for me.”

Chad Meyers was up next with another holiday travel update. This was his third appearance in a row on AC360 – something he normally does not get to do.

In the “Keeping Them Honest” segment, David Mattingely reported on Hospital mixups in medication dosing, which has received some attention in the news lately after Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were given an overdose of the medicine Heparin, an anti-blood clot formula.


Quaid’s twins are thankfully recovering, but Mattingley goes on to report that there have been documented cases of death in situations were 1,000 times the dose were administered! The cause? Poor labeling of the concentration strength. This was an alarming story but it’s one that David Mattingley did a excellent job of reporting on.

On to Raw Politics…it was all pie and turkey!



Last but not least, The Shot of the day was truly comical last night. It started with John talking about the traditional blowing-up of Macy’s parade balloons.


Then, Erica piped in, “I’ll see your inflatable animals, and I will raise you some ‘Dramatic Animal Video.'”


The next image was of an 85-pound turkey (!!!) submitted by a viewer in Minnesota.


John’s reaction to the size of that bird was rather cute!


That’s all folks, for today. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Day with all its blessings and thanks for stopping by!


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