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New Year’s Reflections

Monday, 12.31.07

Happy New Year’s Eve to all!!

Many blogs put together wonderful “year in review” posts… but alas, what does one write about at the end of the year when one has only six month’s worth of material to review and several “best of” (aka top ten) posts have already been written in the past?  Well, today I decided instead to just sit back, relax, and conjure up some reflections on what this experience has been like, then sum up with a few ideas for how I would like to see johnthenewsking grow.


First of all, wow, today is my last post of the year. Hard to believe! It is also hard for me to believe that johnthenewsking has been around already for half a year! It does not seem too long ago that other John King fans and I were mulling this idea around last summer, back when we weren’t even sure that this project would even kick off the ground or be successful.


After all, something like this for JK had never been done before, so what would the main theme of the blog be about? How to even start? And would people even find us? As for the last question, I think it is safe to say we are still an obscure little blog. In a way, I like that. Kinda cozy. No spammers, no trollers… just our regular fantastic friends who come around and want to find out information and news about John King.


As far as a “theme” is concerned, well, I have found out over the last few months that there really is no main theme… the posts and topics have just turned out to be an eclectic mix of news, guest-hosting reviews, funny odds and ends, video slideshows, occasional off the beaten path tidbits and a few surprises thrown in-between. Although, judging by my categories counter to the right, the obvious topic that has been blogged about the most is Election 2008. Umm… no surprise there!!!


Truth be said, there were days over the last six months when I would be scratching my head over what to blog about, but amazingly whenever I thought there wasn’t a shred of new material to write about, someone would suddenly share an idea, a relevant news story would surface, or some surprises would come around the corner and rescue the day.


I’ve mentioned before that I feel blogging is often a hit and miss situation. There were many days in 2007 that I was very very proud of my blogging skills, yet other days, well… well I just have to plead innocent due to being a novice at this. Yes, I am a novice and I am not afraid to admit that. However I like to think I am getting better as the days and months go by!! I have never owned or moderated a blog before,  so I had to learn the ropes from scratch and I also had to learn some things the hard way! Thankfully, people like Phebe over at ATA have been helpful in pointing out some of the do’s and don’ts of the blogging world. I’m in good company.


Someday I’d like to see johnthenewsking expand with regular contributors taking turns writing posts, in a format similar to what ATA and ATC currently use. However, I am of course aware that the kind of growth and progress I am talking about takes time. At the moment the interest for multiple contributors is, admittedly, low… but perhaps that might change. Joan wrote a fantastic guest post in October. The talent is definitely there.


I am very open to ideas and suggestions for making johnthenewsking grow and expand. I mention at my suggestions page that “It takes a village” to make a great John King blog!! Feel free to provide me with feedback and suggestions… it is always appreciated.  


As 2007 comes to a close and 2008 looms ahead it is no surprise that additional election coverage will be brewing around here.  But have no fear, I will still continue to look out for things to blog about that might be slightly different or unusual. I’m kinda quirky myself like that, and I can only blog about the election for so much!! lol!


In closing, I’d love to hear about our readers’ New Year’s thoughts… please feel free to add your end-of-year sentiments to today’s comments section.

See you in 2008!!

Best New Year’s wishes to all,




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More On Benazir Bhutto’s Death

Friday, 12.28.07

(Note: Sorry that I have no visuals for you today, my photo software and uploading systems have been acting goofy today.)

Of course the main news of the day yesterday and much of today has been the Bhutto assassination. I read somewhere that, to the citizens of Pakistan, her death is equally as tragic as the Kennedy assassination was to the United States.

Today, new information has come out that she was not likely killed by a bullet or shrapnel, as first had been reported, but rather from after-effects of the bomb itself going off. Regardless, she lost her life and her country is left in shock and mourning.

Last night AC360 was more of a “hybrid” hosting situation. As Mebz pointed out, it was AC250 & JK110. Lol! John and Anderson took turns leading the program, with Anderson starting out by providing the headlines and John later picking up during the 360 bulletin as well as moderating a guest panel with Richard Haass (Council on Foreign Relations President) and CNN senior political analyst David Gergen.

There have been mixed opinions about having all the Presidential candidates immediately comment upon the situation but I for one am of the opinion that it is a good thing. We need to know how the candidates feel, how they react, what they say and what decisions they will make.

These are the kinds of world events our next President will have to deal with, and to make an informed voting situation in November, we need to know how they will handle the international events effecting on our country and other countries around the world. (*ahem* I’ll reserve commenting on who I personally thought addressed this situation the best and the worst yesterday.)

On to something more light-hearted…

Has everyone made their New Year’s Even plans yet? Guess what?? I have to work! Until midnight!! Whoo-hooo! Happy New Year to me!

What are everyone else’s plans? Feel free to share what you’ll be doing at the stroke of midnight next week on New Year’s Eve…

Thanks for visiting johnthenewsking today and see you soon.


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