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Breaking News And A 360 Review

Thursday, 12.27.07

I woke up this morning and as is my usual routine, I turned on my ‘puter to check out what is going on over at cnn.com. Imagine my sadness when I realized that breaking news was splashed all over the webpage about Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and the subsequent crisis situation brewing in Pakistan.


I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert in international policies and politics, but I know enough to realize how much of an impact this is going to have in the face of current mid-east turmoils and upcoming elections in Pakistan.

Anderson Cooper’s 360 web page does mention this story will be covered tonight. Will John be providing the coverage for 360 or will Anderson? Don’t know that yet but we shall of course find out soon. However, ATA mentions that Anderson is cutting his vacation short to come back to work in light of today’s developments.

John blogged this morning about learning today’s news while he was getting ready to report on election politics for American Morning. He also blogged about how tight security is in Pakistan, specifically recalling a time when he traveled to the country in March of 2000 with President Clinton.

Like most everyone, I’ll be staying tuned to CNN throughout the day for updates and analysis on today’s tragic turn of events.

Last night, John hosted AC360 from New York. It had been a while since he subbed for Anderson, as he has been on the road for an extended period of time this month. But it was great to see him back in the studio after all those weeks in the freezing snow.


The program started out with the horrible Christmas tragedy at the San Francisco Zoo. A tiger escaped his habitat, killing a zoo patron and injuring several other bystanders. A good chunk of the program was devoted to covering this story.


As John said, “Who would ever imagine such a thing?” He spoke with the communications director of the Miami Metro zoo, Ron McGill, about this tragedy.


McGill stated that at this point, there is still so much speculation and here-say about what actually happened, as well as what caused all this to happen, so we should wait for all the facts to come out before drawing any definite conclusions about the safety of the exhibit as well as the safety of other similar exhibits around the country.

Next up was the first of two 360 bulletins with Erica. She discussed her upcoming New Year’s Eve plans with Anderson Cooper in Times Square. John slid in this this tidbit: “Sounds like fun. I’m sneaking on a quick snowboarding break with Hannah and Noah King, but we will tune in.”


(Of course this isn’t them but I would imagine that’s what they are gonna look like having fun out in the snow!!)

Next up was a round table discussion with Dana Bash and Gloria Borger, who were both in Iowa, and with David Gergen who was in Boston. Topics discussed were Huckabee’s hunting practices and his “likability” over Mitt Romney, as well as more woes for Romney (his conservative credentials are apparently “under attack” by several leading conservative organizations.)

We had a quick Raw Politics with Bill Schneider (Should the time Hillary Clinton spent in the White House count?) and then a return back to Gloria and David for more analysis and commentary.

Next, John had this to say for a lead-in to a piece by Jeffrey Toobin about how caucuses operate: “By now you’ve probably heard the word ‘caucuses’ more times than Britney Spears had mocha frappuccinos”. He then quipped , “The caucuses might sound like much mumbo-jumbo to you, until now. Trust me and CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin.”

Yup, we trust ya John, we trust ya Jeffrey!


For Toobin’s crash course on this Iowa political tradition, check out his “Caucus 101” report right here.

After a second 360 bulletin, the shot of the day was aired: a van crashed into a mini-mart in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The incident was caught on tape from four different camera angles. Here is one of them:


John signed off for the evening requesting viewer’s shot ideas. I’ve never sent in one myself but who knows? Maybe I will someday come across something CNN will deem interesting enough to air.

We’ll be checking in tonight to see if John will again be hosting 360, and of course at the same be watching out for new developments in the Bhutto assassination story.

Have a great Thursday, folks! One more day and then the weekend will be here!



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Change is Good And A JK360 Recap

Tuesday, 11.06.07

Ok, so this is yet another look for the blog in recent days, but to be honest I didn’t like the last layout so much after all… the world of blogging is sometimes all about experimentation, so please bear with me, folks!

For those who were just getting used to the other look, I apologize for another change so soon, but I think I have finally settled on a layout that I like. For example, icons and other text lines are at the top of the page so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to view category/tag information and comment stats. I’m a stickler for details like that, lol!

Maybe the gray will take come getting used to, but other than that everything else is in place the way I like it.

And now, on to the review of last night’s ACJK360!

I know a lot of Anderfans are sorely missing Mr. Cooper right now after more than a week of sitting through guest anchors, but the good thing for us Kingfans, the flip side of the coin is that we get to enjoy John hosting the show!

Last night, he started out the program talking about tensions brewing in Pakistan. “A nuclear timebomb perhaps ready to explode” is how he put it, highlighting President Musharraf’s role in the recent escalations and the U.S. reaction to these developments.

Peter Bergen reported on the relations between the White House and Pakistan. Bergen next appeared with Reza Aslan for a 360 roundtable discussion of the current situation and the potential for absolutely disturbing consequences.


Tom Foreman gave us a gripping explanation about the tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan and why the US should be worried. Regarding concerns over nuclear capabilities, he bleakly put it this way, “If Pakistan descends into chaos, the Taliban and other extremists could rush into the country and try to seize those nukes. And then what?”


As doomy and gloomy as that report was, I must move on to my next topic…

I was intrigued to hear John interview Joel Osteen, who is a prominent figure right here in Houston. (His church used to be the Rocket’s Compaq Arena, which should tell you the size of his local congregation.) Osteen is on the circuit to publicize his new book, “Becoming A Better You”.


Now, if you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I rarely include my own religious/political/social opinions about the very material I cover; however, this is one of the times I have to make an exception and speak my mind.

I could not believe my ears when Joel Osteen compared gays to drug addicts and that he invites both groups to his church so they can get some “help”. I am sorry to say, but his statements just reeked with hypocrisy.


Why? Well, just before he made the “help” remark, he stated, “I think God wants everybody to be prosperous, to be healthy, to have good relationships…he wants us to be blessed.”

Allrighty, let me get this straight… According to Osteen, God wants everybody to have good relationships, but whooops, there is a condition? God’s lawyers inserted an asterisk right after His definition of “everybody”?

Sooo… If you are in a happy heterosexual relationship, you’re given God’s blessing… but, heaven forbid, if you happen to be in a happy homosexual relationship, well, that is negated according to the fine print, and therefore you need “help” in the same way a drug addict needs help? Excuse me Mr. Osteen?

In the past, I generally have liked Joel Osteen’s positive and affirming messages, but this is one time that I am totally turned off by what he had to say. Thank goodness John abruptly dove into another question right after Joel Osteen made that “help” remark. I don’t think I could have stood hearing him make any more hypocritical statements.

Why does this irritate me so much? I’ll tell you why. My brother is in a very loving, very happy and healthy relationship with an incredible man who is loved in our family just as much as my other brothers’ spouses. To hear someone like Joel lump my brother in the same category as a drug addict is flat-out insulting and rips into the very core of this issue, the very core of who my brother is. Insinuating he needs “help” is an affront not only to my brother and his partner, but to my family and to the millions of gay citizens around the world. Joel Osteen really does not have a clue about homosexuality and it’s a shame he is going to make millions selling a book about “Becoming A Better You”.

BTW, regarding Joel’s words about homosexuality, other bloggers are upset about this as well.

This concludes for today Millie’s stepping out of her box and venting her opinion on a political/social/religious issue. *steps carefully back into box*


And now, back to: “Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts” (note: disclaimer ahead)

After the Erica Hill piece about Oprah’s Leadership Academy scandal, Raw Politics came to us live from Iowa… Tom was there with the Election Express bus as his backdrop.



How cute was that, that Tom joked about how John needs to come on over and fill up the bus with gas, and he (John) offered instead to come on down to Iowa and bring Tom an ethanol-powered space heater!


And what about last night’s Shot Of The Day? It was none other than King Tut’s mummy unveiled.. the “Boy King”! Isn’t his sarcophagus just amazingly beautiful?



I thought John’s banter with Erica was exceptionally lively last night – listening to him go on about his age was actually quite amusing!* Here is the transcript of their exchange:

“KING: Not too shabby. No more stone condo, but the boy king will be resting comfortably inside a climate-controlled Plexiglas box to keep his mummy from turning to dust. And finally, something that makes me feel young.

HILL: Oh, John.

KING: I was waiting. I’m waiting. Help me out.

HILL: You don’t have to worry about feeling young, John.

KING: Much better.

HILL: Didn’t you just have your 30th birthday or something in.

KING: Thank you, Erica. The 21st is next week.”

That’s a wrap for last night’s summary of AC360. To all my wonderful readers, have a great day!

*disclaimer: my “just the facts, ma’am” approach to blogging doesn’t apply when it comes to my biased musings about John!


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