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Rain, rain, go away.

Thursday 04.10.08 Posted by: Mebz

Update: From TVNewser: “CNN’s John King will moderate a breakfast session at the RTNDA confab next Tuesday. Ron Allen of NBC News and Sam Donaldson of ABC News are panelists for ‘Election 2008, The Home Stretch.’ TVNewser will be in Vegas for the conference so look for our reports beginning Sunday.”

…. And now, here’s Millie hijacking Mebz’s post again (sorry Mebz!) but I just couldn’t resist throwing something in today which I saw at the cnn.com main page. It’s a little OT but amusing nonetheless. Check it out:

When I saw the above, it reminded me of the following:

Interestingly, when I was googling for this Bush picture I happened to come across the below image, found on this website:

What the?????

If you do not recall our pizza primary party, allow me to direct you to this blog post. Guess what, we were duped!!! The pizza delivery guy was NOT Lou Dobbs at the time, it was George Bush in disguise!! OMG!

Remember how we had to keep calling the pizza place about our order? Now that I think about it, it was kind of odd that the delivery boy said, “Call us back once, shame on… shame on you. Call us back… you can’t call again.”

The stage is now all yours Mebz!!!

Howdy Everybody! Greetings from yet another rainy day in Missouri. Ha, ha, you almost think this was funny… Seriously, we’ve had enough. Stop raining.

This all came from Texas, so I’m wondering what Millie did to make the Rain Gods mad at her. I came across this screen cap of someone playing with his very high-tech map:

From Denver Circus.

Which all leads to the question: Why don’t I have CNN HD?! Look at all the extra info you get! Why must I be stuck with this low-fi, run of the mill CNN?! Oh cruel Cable Gods, what have I done to displease you so?!

CNN Observations has added a new John King desktop. Go there now.

I have the answers to Millie’s quiz from yesterday. Grab your score cards.


So, Millie’s post title yesterday got me thinking of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. (Did anybody else watch that show?) Which got me thinking of Rockapella. (Remember them?) Which led me to YouTube. So here is my Thursday version of: Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

I had this song on TAPE (Yes children, there was music before MP3). Check out the braided mullet. I said BRAIDED MULLET!

F.Y.I. Rockapella are the guys in the colorful jackets. The guys in white are True Image. I miss the 90s.



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Crop Circles And Pizza Pies

Friday, 01.04.08

Well by now you have probably already found out that last night the big winners in Iowa were Obama and Huckabee.

Surprising? To some, perhaps, but maybe not to others. I personally wasn’t surprised with Obama’s win, but more so with the fact that that Hillary came in third. If anything, with an Obama win, I would have figured she would have come in a very close second. But she didn’t. Will this trend continue? We won’t have to wait long, as the New Hampshire Primaries are just around the corner!

Since I am not a political expert, I won’t spend any more time rehashing last night’s results. Instead, let’s check in with someone who is an expert, shall we? John’s recap, entitled “From Iowa to New Hampshire”, can be viewed here.

He was on “American Morning” today with John Roberts. Umm.. like, when did he sleep?? Did he have a little cot under a desk somewhere to catch some zzz’s?? Or maybe he pulled an all-nighter, who knows? How and when John King finds time to sleep is as mysterioso as the formation of crop circles – he’s there the next morning, and you’re just left scratching your head wondering how he managed to pull it off! lol!

But anywho, here is is talking to Roberts this morning:




Even though New Hampshire is still a few days away, I am taking orders for the grub we’ll be munching on throughout the event. Last night’s fare was popcorn, and next up on the menu is pizza. Send me your orders and I will make sure they get delivered there on time!! (I’ve already got Mebz’s and AC’s requests).


And to all the Anderfans out there, no, he won’t be making the deliveries that night. He’ll be too busy manipulating simulated pizza pies at the election center in NY.

Happy Friday to all!


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