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A “Rebel Endorsement”

Tuesday, 12.18.07

Doesn’t today’s post title conjure up this image?


Actually, the post title is from a phrase CNN used to describe a recent political endorsement, a story reported on while John guest hosted The Situation Room yesterday:


An unusual endorsement, one that CNN called a “rebel endorsement”, is that of 2000 VP candidate Joe Lieberman officially supporting John McCain. Lieberman, the former Democrat (now turned independent) made this decision citing the fact that both he and McCain want to appeal across party lines. They also have the same stance on major issues, such as supporting the surge in Iraq.

Amazingly, Lieberman even took the time to make some swipes at the Democrats about their position about the war! (Umm, I wonder… how is that exactly appealing across party lines?)


Yesterday John also opened up discussion about a new foreign policy spat between Huckabee and Romney. Huckabee stated in an article for Foreign Affairs magazine that President Bush has an “arrogant bunker mentality” Huckabee clarified that he didn’t say Bush was arrogant, but that the policy was arrogant. Romney, however, used this latest twist to add fuel to the fire that is a war of the words on the campaign trail.


John led a round-table discussion of this “arrogant” issue with Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger and JackCafferty:



On the Obama-Clinton side of the campaign, the issue of the day was: who has more experience? Well, actually that issue has been around for quite some time, but it, too, has a new twist: Now Bill Clinton himself is going on the record speaking about this topic. He is making some television rounds, saying Obama is compelling and attractive, but he is only a “symbol” of change, whereas Hillary is the “agent” of real change.


All in all, just another day in the life of the 2008 campaign, wouldn’t you say? Have a great one and see you soon!




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Election 2004 Flashback

Sunday, 11.04.07

This morning, I sifted through several videos from the Election 2004 campaign trail to bring you some video caps of John crisscrossing the country as he followed along with President Bush and Senator Kerry wooing the voters. No point in rehashing the election outcome of course, but I thought readers might enjoy seeing John as he filed reports for CNN from various corners of our country. From the east coast to the west, here are some stand-up shots of John on the road during the months leading up to the November 2004 election.

(Note: The video quality from the CNN archives isn’t the sharpest, so I apologize for not having clearer shots.)

May 2004 – Michigan


July 2004 – Ohio


August 2004 – Oregon


August 2004 – California


August 2004 – Nevada


September 2004 – Florida


September 2004 – Pennsylvania


October 2004 – Iowa


Next, this is slightly off topic, yet it was a concern during the ’04 campaign. While browsing old videos for today’s blog, I happened to stumble across a piece John covered about the rising cost of fuel in May of 2004. The report was summarized thusly: “The price of gas is averaging $2 a gallon nationwide, and drivers aren’t laughing as they pay pumped-up prices.”

Here’s a graphic from the May ’04 story, followed by John at the White House reporting on this issue.



I forgot when there was even a time that the national average for a gallon of gas was $1.48! And if we weren’t laughing then, then what the heck are we doing now? I can just imagine that during election 2012, we’ll be reminiscing back to the good ol’ days when gas was “only” averaging over $3.00 per gallon.

OK, that last picture of John King at the White House is just a gratuitous video cap, but what can I say?? It went along with the report so I figured I might as well include it. It did also occur to me that maybe, just maybe the pictures in today’s post be would construed, by some, gratuitous as well…

Gee, I don’t know how anyone would get that idea.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend everyone and have a great upcoming week!


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