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Friday, 01.18.08   Posted By: Mebz

Thank God Its Almost Super Duper Tuesday! I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Hello and Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Ms. Mebz. You can think of me as your ambassador to the weekend. From now on I will be your Friday tour guide to the world of John “the news” King. Please keep your feet off of the furniture and don’t litter.

Now, regardless of what I might tell myself, you probably didn’t come here for me. So, for those of you who have had a hard week, this is for you:

Election Preview

Yesterday, John was in the Sit Room reporting on the race in South Carolina. He was live from the optimistically named Prosperity, South Carolina, a name that he and Wolf Blitzer seemed to enjoy. Later, John was a member of the Sit Room’s round table discussion. However he was cut off (again!) by near-by sirens. I remember this happening at least one other time in Iowa. Leading to this humorous exchange:

Cafferty: “Note to the roundtable producers– indoor locations are soundproof and remove the possibility of freight trains, sires, falling buildings, riot, tear gas canisters. And they’re just as adequate for us to have a conversation. We don’t have to put John King out on the railroad tracks every time he does one of these things.”

Borger: “Didn’t you know we sent police escorts with John all the time? That’s what the sirens are.”

Cafferty: “Arrest him.”

Now, if CNN does indeed send police escorts with John, I can’t imagine why. Millie, you have any idea?

You might notice that I don’t have visuals for yesterday’s report *ducks flying tomatoes* I was working, sorry! Please accept this old school picture as payment for my lack of current screen caps.

Old School

CNN’s schedule is showing Ballot Bowl for both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. And don’t forget that Saturday is the Republican primary in South Carolina and the Nevada Caucus.

For those of you in our Yahoo Group, you might have noticed that I haven’t been sending out my Daily YouTube videos in a while. I thought this would be a good chance to restart. Therefore, I give you Mebz’s Weekly No Good Irrelevant YouTube Video. (Disclaimer: I in no way endorse the actions of this duck. But you know water fowl, they can be so stubborn)

Also, since this is the end of the week and there won’t be another posting until Monday, I thought I’d give you a topic of discussion for the weekend. I found a pair of socks in the discount bin last week and thought to myself “Discount socks, rock on!” But when I got them home I realized they were marketed as some sort of “enviro-sock” and that they are made of bamboo. My question is: Am I taking food away from poor hungry pandas by wearing these socks? Is that why they were in the discount bin? Should I be ashamed of myself? Discuss.

Also, lastly, today is my Mom’s birthday. Now, I would wager a good sum of money that my Mother has never even hear the word “blog” before. However, on the off chance that she is abducted by monkeys and forced to Google JohnthenewsKing: Happy Birthday Mom!



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Back In DC For A While… Plus, Some Mighty Impressive Underwear

Saturday, 11.10.07

John is currently back in Washington – however not for long, though, because the upcoming debate in Las Vegas is scheduled for Thursday night and more than likely CNN will be sending him there. Here he is back at the DC bureau.


John was in the studio, voicing-over his story about Mitt Romney’s recent meeting with students, faculty and alumni of Bob Jones University, an ultra conservative college campus. Romney was appealing to this group for support as a conservative presidential candidate despite a major religious difference: Romney is Mormon. He is attempting to overcome skepticism in the evangelical community – some think that Mormonism is cult!

The event was closed door (no media allowed) but CNN did get some exclusive audio of the event. I wonder why media wasn’t allowed?


Amazingly, Rick Beltram, chairman of the of Spartanburg County GOP in South Carolina, stated that if Romney wasn’t a Mormon then he would be the clear front runner in the GOP race. Hmm… Suffice it to say that Millie is going to have to refrain from stepping out of her social/religious/political opinion box today.


This next segment is off topic but it is so cute that I decided to add it here at the blog. This morning, Betty Nguyen and TJ Holmes interviewed twin brothers Justin and Jerod Serovich.


If you haven’t heard of them, they are the 3rd graders who invented a new form of underwear: “The Rip Away 1000”, wedgie-proof drawers that come loose when ripped apart at the velcro seams. They first gained attention for this invention after appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and have since been making the rounds on television news programs.

As if the invention and clever name aren’t funny enough, this morning’s CNN interview was hilarious! The boys were too cute and wonderfully unabashed in front of the camera. There was even a live demonstration!



TJ Holmes was trying to remain composed throughout the interview but you could tell these two young entrepreneurs just totally cracked him up. The inclusion of a scene from the movie “Just One of The Guys” was also a hoot. Here’s that clip:

Just when you get tired of the same old news being reported, you get to see something like the story about these two boys and it really puts a smile on your face!! Priceless!


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Buzz At The CNN Political Ticker Blog

Thursday, 11.08.07

John blogged yesterday at the CNN political ticker about Pat Robertson’s recent endorsement of Rudy Giuliani. There is plenty of buzz about this issue, as dozens of comments were posted within hours. This morning, there are over 250 responses!

Pat Robertson is about as far right as you can go, and as it is widely-known, Giuliani is much more moderate. So it definately seems to have been an unlikely endorsement.


Sifting through some of the blog comments, you come across the usual yada yada yada of left-wingers and right-wingers going at each other, but there was one funny observation by someone in NY which I thought was rather amusing: “Look at the face on him – he looks like a crazed chipmunk about to bite someone.” But who was he referring to? Robertson or Giuliani? They both look a little over-excited in that photo! Too funny of an observation – but surprisingly, not entirely off base, lol.


John blogged that “Robertson has repeatedly praised Giuliani despite their major differences on social policy, such as abortion and gay marriage. Both men say a friendship developed after a long conversation on a plane during a trip to Israel several years ago. Another thing both men have in common is that they are prostate cancer survivors.”

Here he is reporting last night from South Carolina.


His video report about the Rudy Giuliani/Pat Roberstson story can be viewed here.


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The Coop Back On AC360 = The King On The Road

Wednesday, 11.07.07

Yesterday, John hopped down the east coast as he headed southward from New York to South Carolina and reported live from the town of Anderson. (lol!!) His backdrop? The town’s Annual Chili Cookoff festival. We’ve got a new food to add to our discussion list!!

Since the topic of culinary delights seems to come up from time to time here at johnthenewsking, I decided to add a whole new category: Foodstuffs!


BLITZER: How is the chili, John, that you’ve got over there? Take a bite. Let us know.

KING: We are at the…

BLITZER: Our viewers are…

KING: The 9th Annual…

BLITZER: I thought it was ice cream originally, but you’ve got a little chili there. You deserve it. You’re working real hard. All right, John and Gloria, thanks.

KING: It’s the Emerson South Carolina Chili Cook-Off. It’s great.

Even though the CNN transcript reads as Emerson, I googled information about the cookoff and it is actually in Anderson, South Carolina, where John was reporting live from. He was there following the Republican candidates as they were stumping in The Palmetto State.

Usually there is a big leader that state by now, he says, but “all of the polls show pretty much a dead heat here in South Carolina in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination… As the vote gets closer, the tensions are rising, especially in the Thompson campaign, which knows it must win South Carolina. And Romney believes, if he can Iowa and win New Hampshire and win South Carolina, despite those national polls Bill Schneider was just talking about, it would all be over.”

In the next hour of the show, he came back for a roundtable discussion with Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger.

I don’t know where exactly John is heading to next on the campaign trail, but he did mention on Monday night to Tom Foreman (who was in Iowa) that “I’ll be there soon.” Also, next week Thursday a larger debate will be in held Las Vegas, which is being sponsored by CNN. So, it may be likely we’ll see him there as well. By all means, not a bad place to travel to for work!!


Enjoy your Wednesday hump-day everyone!


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