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His Little Special Niche

Wednesday, 02.20.08 Posted by:Katie

Aloha Kakahiaka na haumana o johnthenewsking! Good Morning, everyone.

The caucuses last night were crazy, awesome, and inspiring all at the same time. My mom got there at around five thirty to register as Democrat and they were already running out of registration forms. So they waited and waited to vote, but their precinct and the neighboring precincts had run out of ballots. The precinct captains TORE UP PIECES OF A YELLOW LEGAL PAD and they wrote the name of the candidate on it. Go figure. The average Hawaii caucus was about 4,000 voters, but this year with about 50% percent of precincts reporting there are about 15,000 votes.

So, Suzanne Malveaux has been on Oahu reporting. I think she is an amazing, competent reporter, but I can’t stand her shirt.


There are so many companies and stores (like Manuhealii) that make beautiful dresses and tops. Places like Hilo Hattie and the ABC Store are closer to Waikiki, but driving a little to that store is totally worth it. Ok, that was Part One of my rant.

Part Two: John called Hawaii the remote islands and geographically, we are. These are a few things that I have to clear up about the Aloha State. And yes, I have actually been asked about each one.

-Yes, we have electricity

-Yes, we have internet access

-No, we don’t have thatched roofs. We’ve got shingles and everything.

-I don’t surf to other islands. Actually, I don’t surf at all.

-I actually perfer jeans to hula skirts.

Ok, now the part that you’ve all been waiting for.. I just googled John King + CNN

John King- Master Manipulator

“My son jokes with me… that he actually likes what I do now,” King said. “But I’m a little worried about it, because the cab driver who brought me here today said, ‘I love that map board.’ It’s obviously connecting with people in a way beyond what I would’ve thought.

This is kind of a negative CNN article, but look at this quote.

The diamond in this rough is John King, CNN’s chief national correspondent, whose cool parsing of voting patterns is superb.

Ok, John and the Wall were on tonight from the beginning of the Election Center to Larry King Live. It was more of the same, which is as always, amazing. My iTunes is acting up, so no caps, sorry! However I found pics from the 2005 and 2006 NBA Tech Summits.



Happy Wednesday!



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Out In The West Texas Town Of El Paso…

Tuesday, 02.12.08 Posted By: Millie

Good afternoon all, thanks for stopping by.

Today I am excited because part of the the national campaign spotlight is on my hometown of El Paso! Whoo-hoo!! Hillary Clinton is there today and she will speaking at a rally this evening in the Don Haskins Center at the UTEP campus.


My alma matter! Go Miners!

She will then be hosting a private fundraiser after her speech tonight in “The Don”. The cool thing is that her stay in West Texas will be more than just a little blurb on CNN, due to the fact that she will be in El Paso tonight as results come in from the “Potomac Primaries”. That means, CNN will likely be broadcasting her post-primary speech live from El Paso!

Here are some of the pre-speech festivities…



It is about time that El Paso got some attention on this campaign. Believe it or not, El Paso itself is one of the larger cities in the country (pop 750,000) but because it is geographically isolated from other large cities and because it does not have much urban sprawl, it’s significance (culturally and socially) is often overlooked when compared to other cities with similar size and demographics.

El Paso makes up one of the largest international populations in the world (2 million combined) with sister city Juarez just across the river… In fact you can see parts of Juarez as you are driving right along I-10.

Due to many important election issues such as immigration and trade, as well as the cultural ties with Mexico and the Latino vote, I think it is brilliant for Hillary to start her Texas campaigning in El Paso. She will be stumping in other parts of The Lone Star State later on in the week because the Texas Primaries are coming up soon and a good share of delegates are at stake.

I’m just tickled pink that CNN is broadcasting from my old stomping grounds! Susanne Malveaux already reported earlier this afternoon live from outside the Don Haskins Center. The beautiful West Texas Franklin Mountains could be seen in the backdrop.


Thanks to Cyn for the screencap! But I wonder what is up with that school bus?  Couldn’t CNN have at least picked a better angle for this shot??

Watching Suzanne Malveaux this afternoon actually made me homesick, as it has been five and a half years since I moved from El Paso to the gulf coast area…

But I digress…

Tonight, John will be in the election center of course, but he will be tossing it over throughout the evening to his colleagues covering Hillary’s campaign. I will definitely be checking out the results on CNN.

And, since you probably came here today not to hear me gush about El Paso and how much I miss my hometown, I will leave you instead with some miscellaneous JohnJoy…

Enjoy and see you soon!






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