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Caucuses For Dummies

Thursday, 01.03.08

I googled the title of today’s post to see if there existed a “Dummies” series for caucuses (caucusi???) but I didn’t find anything that specific. I did, however, come across this book authored by Ann Delaney:


This morning, on Your World Today, Tom Foreman tried explaining caucuses using a chess analogy (complete with an actual chess set on-air) while John Roberts & John Dickerson tried to explain it on American Morning with sugar packets, jelly and creamer! Time magazine put together a video explanation using little paper cutouts of people… I thought that was a pretty cute way to offer a visual explanation.

Here is a YouTube video of Jeff Greenfield (former CNN analyst) explaining the process:

Here are three additional links that might help: CNN.com compiled a slideshow back in 2004 (note how the Iowa Caucus date was January 19th back then) . Click this link for the 2008 CNN.com version. Additionally, a group called the Volunteer Voters explains how a caucus works.

After checking out all these resources, the only thing I can figure out for sure is that the Republican’s method is pretty straight forward but the Dems aim for more complexity in their process. I’m still slightly befuddled after reading about “viable” percentage numbers and how participants may have to end up convincing each other to sway one way or the other. One big ol’ vote-o-rama!

Finally this afternoon, I have a few videocaps of John from last night’s AC360. He was still up in chilly New Hampshire.




Since the actual results won’t be known until late tonight, a mention of the evening’s results will be included in tomorrow’s blog post. Although, of course you won’t have to come here to know what actually happened… everything will be splashed all over CNN.com and other websites as soon as the information comes in.

*pop-pop-pop* There goes the sound of Millie’s popcorn popper!!



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The Dust Has Settled… Or Has It?

Friday, 11.30.07

Now that Thursday night’s activities are over and the debate dust particles have settled somewhat, a new dust storm is visible on the horizon because it is only a few short weeks until the first Primary in Iowa. The candidates will definitely be kicking it up a notch, especially on the Republican side, where there is still no definitive front-runner.


Last night’s AC360 show opened with Anderson remarking that Thursday night’s debate was “the most watched of this campaign by far”. He then tossed it over to John for another look back at the highlights of the evening.

John next appeared on a round table (or should I say Hollywood Squares) discussion with Tom Foreman, Hank Sheinkopf, and Ari Fleisher. Judging from the background, it looks like he was still in Florida last night:


Cooper asked John how much anger is seen on both sides of the aisle.


He explained, “There’s anger at the Democrats that their candidates and their Congress haven’t been able to end the war. There’s anger among independents, maybe, that they don’t see either party talking to the middle.

But, right now, Anderson, the campaign is not about that. The campaign is about, especially on the Republican side right now, Iowa and then New Hampshire, two very different campaigns. Iowa is culturally conservative, so you’re going do see abortion, same-sex marriage, and immigration dominating the debate.”


“Pretty telling that, the morning after the YouTube debate, when abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage not mentioned last night, but mentioned in the mail in Iowa. Those are the debates — issues in Iowa. What does Rudy Giuliani do? He launches an ad in New Hampshire on taxes, a very different Republican Party in the state of New Hampshire.”


“So, both parties right now worrying about the nomination. Then they will worry about trying to bring the country together and reach out to independents. “

Iowa is about a month away. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of John on the road. He will certainly be all over the map during the month of January… and February… and March… all right, you get the point. “Campaign-O-Rama” at it’s finest.

Ok, now this is going to be very cliche, but what the heck, here’s Willie Nelson singing “On The Road Again”. Happy Friday to all!!


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The Coop Back On AC360 = The King On The Road

Wednesday, 11.07.07

Yesterday, John hopped down the east coast as he headed southward from New York to South Carolina and reported live from the town of Anderson. (lol!!) His backdrop? The town’s Annual Chili Cookoff festival. We’ve got a new food to add to our discussion list!!

Since the topic of culinary delights seems to come up from time to time here at johnthenewsking, I decided to add a whole new category: Foodstuffs!


BLITZER: How is the chili, John, that you’ve got over there? Take a bite. Let us know.

KING: We are at the…

BLITZER: Our viewers are…

KING: The 9th Annual…

BLITZER: I thought it was ice cream originally, but you’ve got a little chili there. You deserve it. You’re working real hard. All right, John and Gloria, thanks.

KING: It’s the Emerson South Carolina Chili Cook-Off. It’s great.

Even though the CNN transcript reads as Emerson, I googled information about the cookoff and it is actually in Anderson, South Carolina, where John was reporting live from. He was there following the Republican candidates as they were stumping in The Palmetto State.

Usually there is a big leader that state by now, he says, but “all of the polls show pretty much a dead heat here in South Carolina in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination… As the vote gets closer, the tensions are rising, especially in the Thompson campaign, which knows it must win South Carolina. And Romney believes, if he can Iowa and win New Hampshire and win South Carolina, despite those national polls Bill Schneider was just talking about, it would all be over.”

In the next hour of the show, he came back for a roundtable discussion with Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger.

I don’t know where exactly John is heading to next on the campaign trail, but he did mention on Monday night to Tom Foreman (who was in Iowa) that “I’ll be there soon.” Also, next week Thursday a larger debate will be in held Las Vegas, which is being sponsored by CNN. So, it may be likely we’ll see him there as well. By all means, not a bad place to travel to for work!!


Enjoy your Wednesday hump-day everyone!


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The Coop In Congo = The King On AC360

Tuesday, 10.30.07

John subbed last night on AC360 for Anderson, who apparently is in The Congo at the moment on special assignment for 60 Minutes. Hopefully we will be seeing more of John the entire week!

AC360 began with Larry King tossing it over John and mentioning how he (John) would be smiling all night because the Red Sox won the World Series!


The program started out with an update on the California Wildfires.


Officials are worried that the shifting winds will pick up again in the next few days. They are also looking for an arsonist in an F-150 white Ford pickup truck. There is currently a $250,000 reward out there for any info on who started the fires – hopefully that will be enough to entice someone to come forward with information about this horrible, horrible tragedy.

The program then moved on to FEMA‘s fake press conference recently exposed by the media. John’s career advice to FEMA is “Don’t fake it.”


He rightfully pointed out, “Making matters worse — much worse — real reporters who weren’t given enough advance notice to get to that event in person were able to call in and listen to the fake Q&A, but were not allowed to ask their own questions.”

Following the FEMA piece was a political round table discussion about Barack Obama and what is at stake for him politically, upcoming in Iowa.



There were some funny moments during the discussion:

Gloria Borger questioned Paul Begala about whether he ever leaked a story to the press, and John piped in, “He left that to Carville.”

And what metaphor did Paul Begala use to explain how Barack should execute his political strategies? “It’s like wooing a girl. Back in the Reagan administration, when I was dating my now wife, I didn’t say, you know, I’m going to pretend that we run out of gas, and then I’m going to slip my arm around. Then I’m going to blow in your ear, sweetheart. No, you just blow in the girl’s ear, Barack.”

Next up was a heartbreaking story about child labor in Indian sweatshops where clothing for The Gap is manufactured.


It’s a shocking story: children working as slaves, abused and brutalized by their keepers. The product of their labor? Clothing to be sold by a leading U.S. retailer.

Alina Cho reported that many children work 16-hour days at a sweatshop in India. The children sleep on the roof. A child doing beadwork looks even younger than 10. Children come from poor villages to India’s capital, New Delhi, crammed onto trains nicknamed the “Child Labor Express.” Their parents are conned because they sell their children for as little as $20, with the promise that more money will come.

All of this is going on, even when it is against the law for companies in India to hire kids under the age of 14! John broke down the “raw data” for us.


“Last year, India’s child labor act was expanded, and now covers 59 professions deemed hazardous for children. Punishment for those who break the law, jail for up to two years and a fine as high as about $500. No word yet on whether justice will be served in the Gap case, but the retailer does tell CNN it will give the children money, access to schooling, and job training that will come in handy when they are legally allowed to work.”

After the disturbing GAP story, another cautionary report: meat tainted with e-coli and the USDA’s slow response at getting this information out.


Randi Kaye reported on a recall that was too late for a 15 year-old high school sophomore who got sick after eating E. coli-tainted meat from frozen hamburger patties purchased at Wal-Mart. At first doctors weren’t sure if she was going to survive. Luckily, the young lady did, but not after experiencing some horrible side-effects from eating the meat.

Rounding out the show, John interviewed Rick Sanchez (CNN’s guinea pig!) about his conversation with Gernarlow Wilson; we received an update about one of the FBI’s most wanted being found in Canada; and a story was featured about the rebirth of Chocolate Jesus and all its controversy.

And of, course, what would AC360 be without Tom Foreman’s Raw Politics? I thought last night’s graphics were exceptionally funny!


(Candidates getting ready for the November YouTube debate to be held in Florida)


(Scary Halloween costumes!)


(Dick Cheney goes on another hunting trip – this time for Democrats!)

Does Tom Foreman have a “Best of Raw Politics” series? If not, I seriously recommend that he put one together!

I’ll end this afternoon with last night’s Shot of the Day: This amazing football video showing 15 lateral throws on a game-winning drive. The game was between Trinity University and Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi . (Trinity won, BTW!)


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John Does Raw Politics

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We are of course used to seeing John sub for Wolf or Anderson (“It takes a special man to be Wolf Blitzer one day and Anderson Cooper the next!”) but it is not so often that we get to see him step in for Tom Foreman during AC360’s quirky “Raw Politics” segment.

Last night, he did just that.


(screencap courtesy of All Things Anderson)

Thanks Mebz for locating his Raw Politics segment on You Tube.


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This Week At War, A “Sexy” Bus and Brendan Fraser

Monday, 10.08.07 

Hello everyone! After a week off I am back to blogging about our favorite CNN correspondent, John King.

However, I needed to take a step back from it all for a while and see where I was going with everything. I came to the conclusion that even with a few setbacks, glitches and disappointments, it is still a worthwhile effort. After all, I do have a “void” to fill, as one reader so aptly put it, because there is no other blogsite on the internet exclusively about John King. I truly enjoy maintaining this website!

Anywho, on with the show.

John appeared on “This Week At War” over the weekend and he was able to help clarify an issue raised by Tom Foreman: “With the mood in the country, can Democrats really not promise to get the troops out? Help me explore how Iraq is shaping the presidential race…John, was that sound I heard democratic jaws all over the country hitting the floor when they heard their top contenders all say, no, we’re not sure we can end the war in our first term?”

John replied, “Well, certainly, all of the energy in the Democratic Party right now is to the anti-war left that wants this war over yesterday, not by 2013, by yesterday. But what we’re seeing from the democratic candidates, the leading candidates, there’s a bit more reality. They all know they will inherit, maybe 130,000 troops, maybe 100,000 troops. Whoever the next president of the United States is, they have no idea what the security position on the ground will be. So, they want to appease the left by saying I want to end this war and get the troops out, but they also need to remember one of them will be in a general election in a few months in which the Republican candidate will be saying, you can’t pull all of the troops out, even if you wanted to, even if I wanted to. It would cause a disaster if you did. So, a bit more reality in the campaign that will make the base angry.”

Tom mentioned, “John, you talked to John McCain earlier this week and he was talking about the difficulties of this war, something which seems to be playing a little bit to his hand now.”

A clip was then aired of John’s interview with John McCain while they were both aboard CNN’s “Election Express” bus. For more on McCain’s position on the Iraq war, you can view the video here.

Here are a few screencaps from that interview:





From the CNN political ticker, there is an “All Aboard” blog that describes this modern set of wheels as “not your ordinary bus… there’s a satellite dish on top of it. No longer is a television live truck needed to ‘go live’ from the bus. The CNN Election Express can do it all by itself. As you board the bus, it’s like walking into the future. The bus is equipped with state of the art equipment, from the cameras to the computers. This bus is a working newsroom, television studio, and satellite feed center all in one.”

And here’s how Don Lemon and John King described it on October 3rd:

LEMON: “Time now for America votes 2008. Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is running third in the national polls, and, so far, anyway, it’s been a rough ride, but not today. The Arizona senator joined our chief national correspondent, John King, aboard the snazzy, state of the art super-sexy new CNN Election Express. It’s looking good behind you there, John, I have to admit. And John joins me now from Orangeburg, South Carolina. Rough ride for him, but smooth ride aboard the Election Express. What do you have to say, John?”

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: “It’s a beautiful ride, Don. You and Kyra should come out and enjoy it some time. It’s not only a great smooth ride. It’s an amazing television production facility.”


A “sexy” bus? Hmmm, that’s not exactly a description I would normally expect to hear about a vehicle, much less coming from an anchor on CNN. Now, if he had been referring to a decked-out bus overhauled on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”, using that descripton would be an entirely different story!

Hmm.. I wonder what the MPG is on that puppy?

And what about that side-thingy which is sticking out like that? Is it retractable or does it slide back in when the bus is in motion? I wonder what that appendage is for anyway – it reminds me of a camper designed with some built-in extra compartmental space.

But I digress…

On a lighter note today, I want to piggyback off an idea that was posted last week at ATC, in a blog titled Separated At Birth. In that post, a few CNN anchors and reporters were compared side-by-side to television and movie stars – and even a few cartoon characters. Check out the pictures, they are very cute and surprisingly uncanny. (Tom Foreman and Scooter from the muppets! Priceless!)

However, they did not do a comparison for John King. Over at the yahoo group I’ve had this discussion with Mebz who insists that John looks like George Clooney. I beg to differ, I don’t see the resemblance. But I DO see the resemblance between John King and Brendan Fraser:





Have a great Monday and rest of the week everybody!


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