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Leap Day

Friday, 2.29.08  Posted by: Mebz

It’s Leap Day, People! That means today, like Presidential elections, only comes once every 4 years, good news for 48 year olds everywhere-they finally turn 12! It is also the only day I vaguely associate with frogs.


CNN has decided to celebrate this time-space anomaly with MORE POLITCAL COVERAGE! WOO0000oooooo… Sorry, I’m living a lie! I can’t keep up the excitement anymore. You would think as a contributor to a blog dedicated to CNN’s former White House correspondent and current Chief National correspondent, that the increased political coverage would be welcomed. And it was- 6 months ago. But I just can’t do it today.

On The Daily Show’s website they have a segment entitled “Remember when we cared about…” and I thought I’d adapt a John King version. So today I give you:

Remember When John Covered: Israel vs. Hezbollah






Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

Weekend discussion question: Talk amongst yourselves.



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“Deep in the heart of Texas…”

Friday, 2.22.08 Posted by: Mebz

Greeting from the ice-covered Midwest (Laugh it up out there in Hawaii, Katie) and Happy Friday, one and all!

What a night, last night! In case you haven’t heard, there is a Election Primary going on right now. Not sure if you were aware of that- and last night was Democratic debate #137 (approximately). The first 136 were just warm ups for the real show-down in Austin, TX. Now, I’m not talking about the candidates, they were okay. The set decoration was nice. The audience was gracious. What was it that set last night’s debate above the others?


Oh, that’s right. John King did a terrific job in the role of questioner. Granted we at JohnthenewsKing are somewhat bias, but nonetheless I thought he was professional, assertive and showed the journalistic skills that caused this site to be created. Bravo, JK! And I thought CNN made a wise choice in putting him in that role. Thank you, CNN.

Please enjoy the following pictorial essay of last night’s festivities.









If you missed any of Thursday’s debate, it will be replaying over the weekend. Also ATA posted some BIGGER, HI-RES pics, check it out here. (Millie, I did it!)

And as a treat for our friends over at Ware-abouts, I’d like to welcome back from vacation everyone’s favorite Aussie war correspondent. We’ve missed you, Michael.

Welcome Back, Michael!

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

What is it?!?! Is it a lemur?! An alien?! I just don’t know-but every time I watch it is sucks away a little bit more of my soul.

*Soul-sucking sound*

Lastly, our Weekend Discussion Question: Do you share your love of CNN reporters with others, or is it your “little secret?” Discuss!


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“Maybe not Ha-Ha funny, but different at least.”

Friday, 2.08.08 Posted by: Mebz

Howdy folks, welcome to the end of another week! And what a week it’s been. As loyal readers of Johnthenewsking know, we had quite the party to celebrate Super Tuesday. I will say that the life-size Anderson Cooper mural in ACanderfan’s house is remarkably life like. That was money well spent. However I became the victim of a horrible smear campaign afterward, I will not go into further detail since it involves He-who-shall-not-be-named-on-Fridays. Go back and read Wednesday’s comments and you will understand my horror. On top of such humiliation I found that someone was taking pictures of the evening’s festivities, put them to music and posted them to the web! My reputation is ruined! I still don’t know who invited the green guy and the donkey…

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video!

Now that that is out of the way, we can go on to more important business. Lets see, I know there was something big to report. What was it?


Oh, that’s right: JK360 baby!

Did anyone else love the (albeit somewhat awkward) runway shot?





There was a lot of politics (duh), a little storm news, and a dash of Britney, and it all added up to the highlight of my Thursday.

Thank you CNN.

There has been a lot of talk about CNN’s “Magic Wall” this week. I must say I really like it, but am I the only one who thinks that there is something game-showy about it? John, I have no doubt you could give Vanna White a run for her money.

I’d like to buy a “A”, Pat.

Weekend Discussion Question: Have you ever stayed home on a Friday or Saturday night to watch CNN? Discuss!


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My Fellow Americans

Friday, 1.25.08   Posted By: Mebz

Update (1:24pm) Oh Great Googly-Moogly I found it!! Remember the long lost “John in front of the White House” Daily Show interview? Here it is! It is elusive no more! Gratitude in the form of flowers and jewelry will be accepted.

First things first, this is for Millie, she knows why:

Toothaches are a b**ch!

FYI: Saturday is the Democratic primary in South Carolina, Tuesday is both Florida primaries. My guess is that there will be some special political coverage both nights. But did you know there is a “significant” political event on Monday? It’s the State of the Union-given by, you know, the President we already have. And based on the amount of coverage I’ve seen about it, I can only assume that we as a society have collectively decided that President Bush doesn’t matter all that much anymore. Any other year the SOTU would get top billing. But this isn’t any other year is it? It’s an election year. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I feel sorry for the little man who stands in the back of Congress and yells: “The President of the United States!” I mean, this is his one moment in the spotlight! What does he do the other 364 days of the year? Do they keep him in a closet and only let him out one day in January? I think for his sake, we should all tune in and listen to a man with an excellent health care plan, insurance coverage, ’round the clock security, retirement, housing, and financial future tell us Americans what the state of our union is. No, I’m not bitter…

Where’s Waldo?

As I started working on this post I came to the conclusion that I have about reached my limit of politics. A sad realization to come to when there is still over six months until the conventions. And this is coming from someone who likes a lot of political coverage. Therefore, I just couldn’t bring myself to write about John covering the debate in Florida last night. I will say this: How odd must it be to cover a debate held by another network? So anyway I thought I’d rummage through the archives for a little inspiration and came across some old(er) screen caps and thought I’d share. ‘Cause if there is one thing I learned in Kindergarten it’s that sharing is good. Not sure who they belong to, although I’m guessing Millie and/or Kitten.




You’re welcome.

This last one’s for me. I’ve just started re-reading Peter Bergen’s first book Holy War, Inc. For the fourth time. For those of you who think that any book on Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda can’t be entertaining as well as informative, you would be wrong. I recently read an older interview where Peter said they actually cut some of the more light-hearted travelogue scenes out of the book, directly following 9/11. This kinda bums me out, since those are always my favorite parts. Anywho, even now six years after 9/11 I highly recommend it. So raise your hand if you want a Peter Bergen, John King, Reza Aslan pic!

Pick Me! Pick Me!



Now, on to what you’ve all been waiting for:

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video *wild applause*

Leading to our weekend discussion question. Clowns: beacons of goodness and joy or horribly frightening agents of the dark lord? Discuss!


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Friday, 01.18.08   Posted By: Mebz

Thank God Its Almost Super Duper Tuesday! I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Hello and Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Ms. Mebz. You can think of me as your ambassador to the weekend. From now on I will be your Friday tour guide to the world of John “the news” King. Please keep your feet off of the furniture and don’t litter.

Now, regardless of what I might tell myself, you probably didn’t come here for me. So, for those of you who have had a hard week, this is for you:

Election Preview

Yesterday, John was in the Sit Room reporting on the race in South Carolina. He was live from the optimistically named Prosperity, South Carolina, a name that he and Wolf Blitzer seemed to enjoy. Later, John was a member of the Sit Room’s round table discussion. However he was cut off (again!) by near-by sirens. I remember this happening at least one other time in Iowa. Leading to this humorous exchange:

Cafferty: “Note to the roundtable producers– indoor locations are soundproof and remove the possibility of freight trains, sires, falling buildings, riot, tear gas canisters. And they’re just as adequate for us to have a conversation. We don’t have to put John King out on the railroad tracks every time he does one of these things.”

Borger: “Didn’t you know we sent police escorts with John all the time? That’s what the sirens are.”

Cafferty: “Arrest him.”

Now, if CNN does indeed send police escorts with John, I can’t imagine why. Millie, you have any idea?

You might notice that I don’t have visuals for yesterday’s report *ducks flying tomatoes* I was working, sorry! Please accept this old school picture as payment for my lack of current screen caps.

Old School

CNN’s schedule is showing Ballot Bowl for both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. And don’t forget that Saturday is the Republican primary in South Carolina and the Nevada Caucus.

For those of you in our Yahoo Group, you might have noticed that I haven’t been sending out my Daily YouTube videos in a while. I thought this would be a good chance to restart. Therefore, I give you Mebz’s Weekly No Good Irrelevant YouTube Video. (Disclaimer: I in no way endorse the actions of this duck. But you know water fowl, they can be so stubborn)

Also, since this is the end of the week and there won’t be another posting until Monday, I thought I’d give you a topic of discussion for the weekend. I found a pair of socks in the discount bin last week and thought to myself “Discount socks, rock on!” But when I got them home I realized they were marketed as some sort of “enviro-sock” and that they are made of bamboo. My question is: Am I taking food away from poor hungry pandas by wearing these socks? Is that why they were in the discount bin? Should I be ashamed of myself? Discuss.

Also, lastly, today is my Mom’s birthday. Now, I would wager a good sum of money that my Mother has never even hear the word “blog” before. However, on the off chance that she is abducted by monkeys and forced to Google JohnthenewsKing: Happy Birthday Mom!



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