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Wednesday, November 19

Watch… just watch.  And smile.  All day.  Deep, deep smile.

“Before you kill me John King, I just have a couple of questions.”  Those are so TOTALLY going to be my last words on earth.




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“And that’s how Dennis Kucinich can become our President”

Thursday, 3.13.08 Posted by: Mebz

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey wait, it’s not Friday, why is Mebz posting?”  Well our own dear Kitten, could not post this evening.  So, I’ll be giving you your daily John King fix.  Wait, maybe that’s CNN’s job…


If you saw the Daily Show last night, this makes sense.  If not, check out the link:  Burger King.

Daily Show

See you guys tomorrow!


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Monday, January 28, 2008   Posted By: Millie

Later on down this post I’ll have some info about tonight’s POTUS SOTUA, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a little Johnjoy from 6 years ago. Thanks to Mebz’s persistence, we have uncovered John’s other Daily Show appearance. Her little find nicely coincides with tonight’s address! (John was speaking with Stewart the night of the SOTUA in January of 2002.)

Here are a few videocaps of JKDSA (John King Daily Show Appearance):






Did anyone catch John’s mention of Bush having an 85% approval rating in the polls??? My oh my how times change!

Here’s what he told us last August about this particular appearance on the Daily Show: “I once did the Daily Show from the White House lawn. If you watch at all you know John Stewart fakes it – their ‘reporters’ stand in front of fake backdrops. Well he saw the real deal behind me and we had a good laugh about it. Again, I was a little nervous and so probably not as funny as it should have been.”

Aww… well, if he was nervous, it sure didn’t show. I thought he did a terrific job! I just wish he had made more appearances like this in the past. It would be great to have stuff “from the vault” to pull up from time to time and post here at the blog, lol!

Here’s an old transcript I dug up regarding the 2002 SOTUA. John was reporting from Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Back to tonight’s speech…


A friend of mine noted how patriotic it was that Bush and Cheney were sporting Red and Blue ties! Hmm… patriotic indeed.

Here is CNN’s link to a transcript of the speech.

John was on AC360 for some post-debate commentary. As part of the “Raw Politics” roundtable, he began by stating that that the differences between Bush’s first SOTU and tonight’s speech are “night and day”. Bush came into the Presidency as a compassionate conservative then back then in 2001 and was very domestic-focused.

John pointed out that 9/11 “changed everything”. International policy as a constant shadow over his Presidency is now forever etched in history. Anderson asked for analysis of points Bush emphasized throughout the speech when it comes to Iraq: urging patience and stating that more time is needed to achieve goals.

John called these comments throughout the speech a direct blow to Democrats, because Bush and the Republicans are in a much better position now than a year ago when it comes to touting progress in Iraq. Even though the progress may not be on the larger scale many Democrats would like, there has been some improvement nonetheless. John noted that we will have to see how this plays out as the campaign rolls on.

It should be interesting to finally find out in November who will be making SOTU speeches over the next four years…

I apologize for the lack of screengrabs for tonight’s speech analysis, but I do have this one to share in closing:


Hmm… maybe we should do a caption contest for this one? What is John rolling his eyes at and why is Stewart looking so perturbed??


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