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Monday Night Blogging

Monday, 04.07.08 Posted By Millie

I had hoped to get to this post earlier in the day, and I do apologize… but you know how it is when unexpected interruptions happen! (Uh oh, now I am starting to sound like one of those ED commercials!! lol!)

I thought I would start off the evening with a few super hi-res pics of John I stumbled across. They come from this site, which talks about, what else, but John’s map manipulation skills!

Nice, huh? (Click on the picture for even larger and sharper image)

And now, downgrading to low-res, (sorry!) here are some various screencaps of John hosting The Situation Room last week.

We’ve got a few administrative changes here at Johnthenewsking. Katie and Joan, unfortunately, will no longer be blogging with us. Their contributions will be missed! We appreciate all they have done for the blog. Stay in touch girls, ok? Don’t forget, you are always welcome to guest-post in the future!

Starting today, Mebz and yours truly will be the regular blog posters at Johnthenewsking. Here is our schedule in case you want to know ahead of time who will be at the blogging helm!! We are still continuing on a Mon-Fri schedule, with posts on the weekends only in the event of breaking or urgent news.

Mondays – Millie
Tuesdays- Mebz
Wednesdays – Millie
Thursdays – Mebz
Fridays – Millie/Mebz

And now, this next bit is especially for ACAnderfan. She mentioned in the comments on Friday something about Anderson and spandex. Not having seen the program on Friday, my curiosity was piqued.

I checked out the video of Friday’s Shot Of The Day and lo and behold, there was Erica showing off a pair of spandex pants she said Anderson should use the next time he goes excercising:

Interestingly it wasn’t the spandex that caught my attention. Rather, I just couldn’t stop starting at his guns in the first picture! OMG!! Normally I am not one to fawn over Mr. Cooper but, whoa nelly! He’s got some mighty impressive biceps..

Erm.. Moving on…

If you have noticed recently, we’ve got this little Golden Girls thing going, so I would like to leave you today with the following clip. Enjoy!



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“It’s Friday, I’m in love…”

Friday, 04.04.08 Posted by:Mebz

My apologies to The Cure, they just happened to have the only Friday themed song I could think of.  Well, lets get right to John filling-in on the Situation Room yesterday:


Suzanne?!  Crap, NOW what am I going to blog about?!

Maybe…. No.  Perhaps, I could….Nah.  Well, I’m stumped.

Will an old screen cap be enough?


I don’t know either, John.

For those of you who read the comments last Friday, you know that we Johnthenewsking readers are also big Golden Girls fans.  So I thought I’d take a look into our future:


rose.jpg Rose will be played by our own millie.jpg Millie.

blanche.jpg Blanche is the alter-ego of acanderfan.jpgACanderfan.

sophia.jpg Sophia is well, mebz.jpg Me.

dorothy.jpg Dorothy is open for auditions. 


Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

This entire blog post has been irrelevant.  Sorry.  Weekend Discussion Question:  What should Mebz punishment be for this lackluster post?  Discuss!


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