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Warm and Fuzzy

Friday, November 14, 2009 Posted by: Mebz

Hello Johnthenewsking readers.  I know… I know… I’ve been slacking in my blogging duties for the last few weeks.  I have reasons, but nothing that any of you would find interesting, I’m sure.  Regardless, I’m back!  Miss me?  I’ve missed you guys.  Before we get to the JK-goodness I just wanted to say: Thank You.  I was reminded, yesterday, just how kind, thoughtful, sweet and dear “cyber” friends can be.  Those of you who are frequent visitors here at JTNK, Wareabouts, ATA, ATC, and War Journos know that we are a fun-loving group of CNN fans.  I was reminded of that yesterday when MWmcfan completely, and unexpectedly made my week, she knows why.  YOU ROCK GIRL!


Alright, enough with the Hallmark moment.  Game face people!  I haven’t posted anything since October 21st!  What could possibly have happened in the meantime?


All Saints Day 

America rockin’ the Vote.untitled

You might be asking yourself: What now?  After such a long, tiresome campaign, how can I go back to normal life?  Especially if you’re CNN’s Chief National Correspondent.  Well, as it turns out, you interview the Governor of California, fill-in for Larry King and Wolf Blitzer and teach NBA commentators a thing or two about how to use sophisticated technology.


Well team, it’s late and my bed is calling me.  Goodnight dearies.



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Funny Ha Ha and Pictures!

Sunday, October 19, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

Let’s start our week off with a little comic funny that I found at

 I have lacked noting that JK’s CNN profile picture has been updated. 

Very nice, although I’ve got to admit that I kinda miss the pink tie.

A few found on from the New Hampshire primary in January. 

 (Disclaimer:  DO NOT take this as some sort of pro-McCain message.  They were just some cute pictures.  And please do not turn the comments section into a stump speech for/against either candidate.  While I might not be in”real life”, here in the public blogosphere, we at JohnthenewsKing are non-partisan.  I mean it- I don’t want to hear it.  I’ve got my finger on the comments’ delete button.  I’ll use it.  You will make Mebz angry.  And be warned, you won’t like Mebz when she’s angry.)

On with the eye candy:

The envy is strong with that last one, dear readers.

It has been a long time, and I’m sure you guys have missed the famous

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video!

I have come to the simple, yet disheartening conclusion, that the British are just funnier than us.  Simon Amstell being a prime example.  I’s loves me some Never Mind the Buzzcocks.


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A slightly inebriated critique of the 3rd Presidential Debate.

Thursday October 16, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

Happy Almost Weekend Everyone!  How’s it going?  My week has SUCKED!  Busy and stressful.  But at least I’m not running for President.  (Although I should.  I would make a wonderful Commander and Chief.  And John King would TOTALLY be my Press Secretary)  Anyway, I’m off tomorrow, I have broken out my flannel pajamas, Kenny Loggins is playing and am half-way through a bottle of white wine.  Things are looking up.  (Of course, if I finish this bottle everything will be looking up, because I will be on the floor…  Hey AC, you still have cardboard Anderson around somewhere?  This is turning into a party.)

The alcohol is responsible for all things following.

It’s nice to know that CNN takes to heart all of the well-intentioned advice that I give free of charge on this blog. (Sarcasm) Example, the notion that perhaps they should use both sides of the table.  Exhibit #1:


They have so many people on that set that they ran out of chairs!  Let poor Roland Martin sit down!

Dana and John’s heads make a nice frame for Andy, don’t you think?

Mebz’s favorite quote of the evening:  Anderson Cooper: “How does the race change now for John McCain?”  David Gergen: “Beats the hell out of me.”  Probably the most honest answer of the evening.  The Gerg, rocks.

Proof that JK was in Missouri this week:


I’m playing with WordPress’ new poll option:


The bottle is two drops short of bone dry.  And I’m tipsy… who am I lying, I’m drunk.  Any mistakes in spelling and/or grammar is due solely to this fine Australian wine.  Maybe I’ll proof read this when I’m sober.  No promises.  Later, all.



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Tell Me Why? I Don’t Like Mondays…

Monday, October 13, 2008  Posted by: Mebz

Hello All!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Apparently it’s Columbus Day, which I was completely unaware of until an hour ago.  Its also the 50th birthday of Paddington Bear.  And for you X-files fans, it’s also Fox Mulder’s birthday.  You can’t say that JohnthenewsKing isn’t educational.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram compiled a list of “Power Pundits.”  While I take slight issue with the term pundit (he’s a reporter– dammit!) here’s what they had to say regarding the King of the Magic Map: 

John King, CNN — Billed as the network’s chief national correspondent, he’s best known to viewers as one thing: the Wizard of Aahs who controls the Magic Wall. His state-of-the art, interactive national election map — technically called the Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall — is a mesmerizing piece of technology that sometimes seems to send King into a state of hypnotic, electoral bliss.

I’d like to note that technology is only as good as the person running it.  The Magic Wall is cool and all, but JK has to KNOW his stuff, or else he would just be playing with a map.  Moving on-

The AC360 blog this morning says:

John King will report from battleground state of Missouri, and explore the race issue from the inner city perspective. We have brought up the issue of how some whites may or may not vote for Obama (otherwise known as the Bradley effect) but tonight John will look more closely at the hope and anticipation in black communities at the prospect of Obama as President.

BATTLEGROUND STATE OF MISSOURI!?!?! Gee, who else do I know in Missouri, oh wait- IT’S ME!!  Thanks a lot, 360 Blog for not giving me a city!  Not that I’d probably go there anyway…  I admire from afar… But if he happens to be in my home town… not very likely… rural Mid-Mo is hardly “inter city”… maybe I could… what if… Nah, not going to happen.  Drats!

Here’s a video from this weekend’s election special America Votes 2008.

Pretty random post today.  What can I say, it’s Monday.  Later!


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Odds and Ends

Thursday, October 9, 2008  Posted by: Mebz

Hello Everyone.  As my title post indicates, I have a few odds and ends for y’all.

1. A VERY NICE flicker photo stream featuring our favorite political reporter.  The rights were reserved, so I didn’t feel right about cuttin’ and pastin’.  Regardless, here is the link:  CLICK ME!  You won’t be disappointed.

2. A interview JK did during the Democratic National Convention.  (I’ve been trying to get it embedded, but the WordPress overlords have thwarted my every attempt!)  Regardless, watch it here: video

3. Self Explanatory

4. Ditto

Last Note: I wanted to send good thoughts to the beloved Warden of the Drunken Monkeys (Don’t ask, it would take too long to explain.)  Cyn, web-mistress of and the recent victim of an unprovoked screen-cap stealing (see post below) is having surgery tommorrow.  GET WELL SOON, CYN!!  This one’s for you:



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Assigned Seating?

Monday, October 6, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

 I just wanted to make a small observation regarding CNN’s coverage of the last two debates.  Mainly the VP debate… WHO THOUGHT UP THIS SEATING ARRANGEMENT?

Seven people crammed on to one side of the table?  It’s like a bad Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe try a bigger table next time.

At least someone was thinking during the first Presidential debate: 

“Hey- I know, lets use BOTH sides of the table!”  Good job, guys.  Go Team!

And for you JK and MW fans, I present to you the moment of the night, where Mebz damn-near died:

(Yes, I totally stole this screen grab from Cyn’s most excellent site  First of all, if you haven’t been there, what is wrong with you and secondly, don’t hate me Cyn, you know I love you.)

But wait! It didn’t end there— OMG, it’s the CNN REPORTER TRIFECTA!

Anderson Cooper, Michael Ware and John King?!  IN A ROW?!  I tell you what, if they had added Peter Bergen into the mix, I would have turned into a 10-year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert.

Yes, I changed the theme, again.


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Stretching the ol’ blogging muscles

Thursday, October 2, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

I haven’t blogged since June!!!  *smacks hand* Bad John King fan, bad John King fan… I’m sorry to the 2-3 people who have missed this little slice of JK-dedicated interweb, but in my own defense I still think that it’s July, so I haven’t missed that much.  I thought I would celebrate my triumphal return to the blogosphere with a new design layout.  What do you guys think?  I’m on the fence.  Regardless, I would like to appease your anger and/or feelings of abandonment with this:

Yeah, I just used an unprovoked John King picture!  What are you going to do about??  Yeah, that’s what I thought…

If you were watching CNN last week, you probably noticed JK was in Montana, trying to get a feel for the political environment out there.  The local news (townies!) got to talk to our guy.  Check it out here.  Did I mention, that there was a video link on the page?  If you can bear local news long enough for a glimpse of the King, go check it out.

‘Nother picture:

So the story of my life in the last 3 months goes like this: My boss retired at the end of June and for six weeks I had to essentially “fill-in” for him (while still doing my job, and without any extra money, in case you were wondering).  Then two months ago they got someone to fill the job, but it seems as if I’ve spent more time, now, trying to tell him what is going on.  Now, you know why I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s October.  But enough about me, how are you doing?  How do you feel?  Are you getting what you need out of this relationship?  Second thought, don’t answer that.

I’m really out of practise with this whole bloggin’ stuff, so consider this post a “warm-up”.  As a way of stretching my unused parts (insert joke here) I give you two YouTube vids of JK & The Magic Map.  The first from today and the second from yesterday:

Hard to believe that this election is nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. (I pray to God that it’s not an on-coming train!)  I can only imagine what JK and the rest of the BPTOT feel like.  Hunker down people!  We can get through this together!

 Here’s to the beginning (again) of a beautiful friendship!


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