Off The Beaten Path

Here, you will find archives, tidbits of info and links pertaining to some of the more “Off The Beaten Path” John King items to be found at the blog!

You’ve got questions, he’s got answers…

We’ve been fortunate here at johnthenewsking to have been able to hear from John directly a few times.   He’s a busy man, and with the thousands of requests and e-mails shot at him every day from campaign head-honchos, as well as all the other routine news he has to handle on a day-to-day basis, the fact that he even took a few moments at all to share his thoughts with his loyal viewers was truly special.

It started over the summer with a Q &A and was followed shortly thereafter by a Septmeber 11 reflection piece. Other places to find similar words of wisdom include John’s St. Anselm student Q&A, as well as his Hobart and William Smith commencement speech. More recently, he wrote in for a fabulous Q&A session with All Things Anderson.

It ain’t Letterman, but…

I’ve included a few Top 10 lists throughout the last few months. Five to be exact… but hey, who’s counting? When the ideas hit me, I’m sure there will be more to come. Here is a recap:

1. Top Ten pictures of John in casual mode
2. Top Ten reasons why we like to tune in to John
3. Top Ten funny banter moments
4. Top Ten comments posted at the blog
5. Top Ten favorite blog posts

What was she thinking?

I’ve always felt that blogging at johnthenewsking has been a work in progress. Even though it’s been around for almost half a year, there are still days when I feel like I missed the mark… and in hindsight I want to put a virtual bag over my head!!

Below are a few blog posts that, when looking back, even I have to ask, “What was she thinking???”

07-31-07 (“Oh L’Amour”)
John’s personal life needn’t be a blog topic. Ever since, I made the editorial decision to never do it again.

08-31-07 (“The Chair”)
Somehow, posting a blog with a picture of chair and then teasing about it just doesn’t seem… normal.

09-30-07 (“A Malfunction Of The Non-Wardrobe Kind”)
If the only John King news I could come up with that day was about a minor microphone glitch, I think I should have seriously reconsidered what constitutes news!! The only redeeming quality of that post was the inclusion of some funny CNN blooper reels at the end.

10-15-07: (“Would You Shell Out $700.00 For This?”)
I must admit I was all doped up on several cans of Dr. Pepper when I wrote this blog post, which accounts for it’s, um, strangeness and the snarky remarks. I actually had to go through some Dr. Pepper withdrawal the next day! lol!

11-04-07 (“Election 2004 Flashback”)
Even though there is nothing wrong with posting an occasional gratuitous screencap, some days it seems like I unwittingly prove that old adage, “less is more”.