All Things Super

Sunday, February 3, 2008 Posted By: Millie

And the letter of the day, boys and girls, is…..


Howdy everybody!

Under the new blog schedule, posts aren’t usually written on Sundays, but since it is Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I’d nonetheless include a short post. After all, John’s hometown team is playing today!!!


Actually, though, the real reason I posted today is to announce that I have a “surprise surprise” for tomorrow, so be sure to stop on by. Ya’ll know I do like to tease, don’t you?

Let’s check off a list of things associated with today’s theme, shall we?

Super Bowl, check!

Super Tuesday, check!

Super Cooper, check!
(this doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read the comments from Friday’s post)

Super Surprise, check!


Enjoy your gameday and see you tomorrow!




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9 responses to “All Things Super

  1. mebz72

    Stop teasing me, woman!!

  2. acanderfan

    Oooohhhh a surprise. I love surprises. I can’t wait to see what it is, Millie.

    Are we having a super tuesday party??? Whose turn is it to host the party??? I don’t mind hosting it. I think we should have mexican food this time.

  3. Millie

    Maybe I should have pasted Anderson’s head to the flying Superman instead. LOL!

    *looks up in the sky* It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s……….

    Anderson Cooper????

    I won’t tell you anything about the surprise other than it does have to do something with Super Tuesday.

  4. acanderfan

    Well Millie, I cannot wait to see what the surprise is. You’re a very creative person so I know it’ll be great 😀

  5. Millie

    Thank you AC for that compliment. Yeah I think you will enjoy tomorrow’s post.

  6. Millie

    The Pats lost. But ya’ll probably already know that by now. And I’m out $30 bucks from our office pool.

  7. mebz72

    Ok, it’s Monday, where’s my surprise?

  8. Millie

    Patience, my dear. It is coming.

  9. mebz72

    You are a cruel woman, Millie. Don’t you know I live for this?

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